Eric Holder Calls On US Supreme Court To Stop Trump From “Weaponizing” Census With Citizenship Question

Former Obama AG Eric Holder writes in a new op-ed:

Following oral arguments earlier this week, I’m deeply concerned that the Supreme Court appears willing to allow the Trump administration to weaponize the 2020 Census to determine where political and economic power in the United States should reside.

Allowing the administration to demand citizenship information from every household as part of the decennial census for the first time in more than half a century would dramatically depress the count in areas with significant Latino and immigrant populations and would reposition political representation toward areas more likely to elect Republicans.

Yet a 5-to-4 opinion along ideological lines in this case would further erode the public’s trust in the Supreme Court as an apolitical body. Americans could view a 5-to-4 decision siding with the Trump administration efforts as more evidence that partisanship and ideology have infected the nation’s highest court.