Christian “Prophetess” Kat Kerr: I Waved Hello To The Blond Angels Guarding Jesus’s Tomb In Israel [AUDIO]

“Almost on Resurrection Day, we got to visit the Garden Tomb. It was wild. The Garden Tomb. The actual Garden Tomb. I actually got to stand inside the very tomb that Christ laid in, and the one that he was resurrected from the dead in. And do you know what was amazing? The two angels, who were assigned to him — at the time, if you go back and read the Biblical account, there were two angels inside his tomb. They didn’t have, like, 18 eyes. You have to remember: Mary had to see them. The others had to see them.

“They had wings when I saw them. That doesn’t mean that they were showing their wings. They could have at the time of Christ being resurrected from the dead, but they were just very regal. I mean, they both had blonde hair and they had the glory of God on them, and they had simple outfits too because, of course, they were back in the day of Christ when he walked on the Earth.”

“They knew I could see them. I was obviously smiling and waving to them. Regardless of what people thought about me, I could not turn down the chance to say hi. – Self-proclaimed prophetess Kat Kerr, recounting her recent trip to Israel, where she claims, upon God’s personal order, to have anointed the ground with “heaven’s oil” – which resulted in Netanyahu’s election.

Kerr’s Facebook and YouTube clips typically get tens of thousands of views. Sometimes a lot more.

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