Christian Activist Randall Terry Unveils Plan To Confront “Depraved Agent Of Evil” Pete Buttigieg At Iowa Events

Via press release from Christian activist Randall Terry:

We are going to Iowa to confront the “new political sensation;” Pete Buttigieg. We’ve sent a press release to every daily newspaper in the state of Iowa…telling them we are coming to welcome “Mayor Pete” AT ALL FIVE of his campaign stops next week! (Please help us fund this trip!)

As I read and read about this 37 year old, poor lost soul, I am filled with grief and rage. I grieve for Pete Buttigieg – for his endangered soul, his sexual bondage – and I am enraged by what he is really doing. He is a baby-killing politician, who is recruiting young people into homosexual bondage by his example, and trying to normalize what is an intrinsically evil behavior.

Think of how many millions of children are seeing the news, or hearing about his “sexuality” in school, and are asking questions about homosexuality. He is an agent of evil specifically because he is being used by “the dark side” (the devil and his angels) to try to normalize…and lionize…a depraved sexuality.

With a smile, of course… Let me state it clearly: Pete Buttigieg DOES NOT HAVE A SNOWBALLS CHANCE IN HELL to win the Democrat nomination. BUT…He might be running for VICE PRESIDENT…he can energize and recruit young voters, and raise a TON of money from the homosexual movement.

Terry is best known as the co-founder of the anti-abortion group Operation Rescue, which has changed its name and is now run by anti-LGBT activist Flip Benham.

RELATED: Randall Terry advocates for the criminalization of all forms of birth control. In 2004 his adopted son Jamiel came out in an Out Magazine essay, prompting Terry to blame Jamiel’s gayness on his birth parents. Jamiel died in a car accident in 2011. One of Terry’s daughters has converted to Islam and another was reportedly banned from his home after two pregnancies before the age of 18. Terry himself was thrown out of his longtime church after divorcing his wife of 19 years and marrying his then-25 year-old assistant. He ran for president in 2012 and was awarded two convention delegates after winning eleven Oklahoma counties in the Democratic primary.