TODAY: The Fifteenth Blogiversary Of Joe.My.God.

Today marks the fifteenth blogiversary of this here website thingy. Counting this one, we’re at 82,865 posts over 15 years, the last eleven of which have been without a day off. As I said on this day last year, whether I am insanely committed or am insane and should be committed – that is your call.

A few weeks ago I ran into a couple of longtime JMG readers who quizzed me at length about my work habits. Seattleites Marc and Vic suggested that you folks might be interested as well, so here goes.

Most of my news aggregation happens here at my glamorous walk-up studio apartment, but over the years I’ve updated the site from every imaginable location – planes, trains, ferries, taxis, hotels, restaurants, conventions, rallies, protests, my doctor’s office, and once, memorably, between innings at Yankee Stadium.

The news never stops, especially now that we have a spectacularly stupid person running the country, someone prone to late night firings on Twitter and vicious predawn attacks over perceived slights.

On weekdays, I start around 6AM by scanning the hundreds of news items and press releases that have come in overnight, with the first post going up around 7AM. The rest of my day is spent reacting to breaking news and monitoring the hundred or so sites in my “hot list” (hate groups, mainstream news sites, anti-LGBT sites, etc.)

Most days see about 30-35 posts, with our final overnight thread going up at 8PM sharp. (Final, only if something stupid doesn’t happen after that.) On weekends, I take it a bit easier, with the first post going up around 9AM with usually only a dozen or so posts after that, with the overnight thread at 7PM sharp.

Repeat the above every single day for the last eleven years and ponder why I remain single. I kid, I kid, I’m totally dead inside.

On the “business” side of things, as I noted in this post last year, revenues for the traditional banner and display ads seen here on JMG have utterly cratered by around 75% over the last couple of years as advertisers stampede to all manner of intrusive pop-up videos, autoplay in-post videos, and total page takeovers. And we hate those.

Meanwhile our server costs and defense licensing continues to creep up. Therefore and more than ever, it’s the generous support of the JMG community that keeps the lights on around here.

PayPal sends me a monthly tip jar recap, but for those who donate without a PayPal account, I don’t usually get an email address to send a note of thanks. As Miss Coco Peru famously says, this bothers me. Consider this a hairy virtual bear hug for those folks.

On behalf of myself and our tireless tech support guys, Russ and Dan, you have our eternal thanks for being part of JMG. Help yourself to some punch and cookies. Please don’t let the cat out. And onward to year sixteen!

(PayPal restricts to their “Donate” button to non-profits.)