White House Refuses Multiple Times To Say If Trump Really Believes That “Democrats Hate Jewish People”

Roll Call reports:

Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Monday opted against walking back President Donald Trump’s contention that congressional Democrats are an “anti-Jewish party.” Trump on Friday told reporters that recent controversial remarks about the influence of Jewish donors on politicians by freshman Minnesota Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar’s recent comments show “the Democrats have become an anti-Israel party” and an “anti-Jewish party.”

During her first press briefing in 42 days, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked about the president’s weekend comment several times. At no point did she tell reporters that her boss does not really believe that. At one point, NBC News correspondent Hallie Jackson gave Sanders an opportunity to merely reply yes or no. She chose not to, instead saying reporters should ask Democrats if they do indeed harbor hatred of Jewish people and Israel.