Tulsi Gabbard: I Never Supported Ex-Gay Torture And Reversed On LGBT Rights After Serving In Middle East

CNN reports:

Presidential hopeful Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard sought to explain her shift away from advocating anti-gay policies in the early 2000s on Sunday, saying her time in the military caused her to “go through some soul-searching.”

“I was raised in a very socially conservative home. My father is Catholic, he was a leading voice against gay marriage in Hawaii at that time. Again, I was very young, but these are the values and beliefs that I grew up around,” Gabbard told CNN’s Dana Bash at a town hall in Texas.

Gabbard said her views shifted when she deployed to the Middle East, “where I saw first-hand the negative impact of a government attempting to act as a moral arbiter for their people, dictating in the most personal ways how they must live their lives.”

Gabbard also claims that she never supported conversion therapy and only heard of it for the first time when she first ran for Congress.