Tucker Carlson Compares Roger Stone’s Judge To Nazis

“The Inquisition burned books, so did the Nazis. Corrupt regimes everywhere fear the free exchange of ideas and they won’t tolerate it if they don’t have to. The best sign of America’s strength is that we are and we have always been different. We don’t fear and suppress other people’s ideas, even if they are offensive or unpopular. We combat them with better ideas. That’s how we have always been. But that is changing fast.

“Increasingly, the norm in America is that some people shouldn’t be allowed to speak, and some views are not allowed. Judge Amy Jackson, who is an actual judge, is now threatening Roger Stone with prison time, because he wrote a new introduction to his book that says unflattering things about Robert Mueller. That is now a crime, according to Judge Amy Jackson.” – Tucker Carlson, on last night’s show.