Trump Responds To Alabama Tornadoes With Promise For FEMA’s “A Plus Treatment” (Whatever That Means}

USA Today reports:

President Donald Trump directed the Federal Emergency Management Agency to give Alabama the “A Plus treatment” on Monday after the state was hit with a devastating tornado that left at least 23 people dead.

It was not immediately clear what that treatment would entail, but FEMA spokesman Crystal Paulk-Buchanan told USA TODAY that the agency is working in close contact with Alabama and Georgia’s emergency management units.

Splinter reports:

Trump snubbed the people of Puerto Rico and downplayed the lethality of the hurricane, blamed Californians for their hundreds of thousands of scorched acres, the president is comforting Alabamans, a deep red state, with open arms.

Perhaps Trump’s rapid response means he’s learned from his egregious mistakes in responding to Californian and Puerto Rican families whose lives were torn apart.

Perhaps that’s why he’s so eager to deliver his support to another red state entrenched in disaster, but it feels highly unlikely.