Trump: I Could Be Elected Prime Minister Of Israel

Axios reports:

To prevent leaks from Trump’s Friday night Mar-a-Lago speech to RNC donors, security guards made attendees put their cellphones in magnetized pouches that they carried around like purses until they left the club.

Trump said if he could run to be prime minister of Israel, he’d be at 98% in the polls, according to three sources who were there.

Trump only mentioned three 2020 Democrats in his remarks: Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Trump called Biden “the dummy.” He announced that he now calls Sanders “the nutty professor” instead of “Crazy Bernie.”

Israel’s Haaretz reports:

Trump is widely popular in Israel, but nowhere close to the level he reportedly mentioned. Several public opinion polls from the past two years have shown that approximately two-thirds of Israelis have a favorable view of him.

With regards to the Democrats, Trump claimed that the party “hates Jewish people.” It should be noted that more than 70 percent of American Jews voted for Democratic candidates in the 2018 midterm elections, and for Hilary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election. The top Democrat in the Senate, Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, is Jewish.