Trump Cultists Parade Assault Rifles Near Mar-A-Lago

The Palm Beach Post reports:

A group of pro-Trump gun rights activists armed with assault rifles, fishing poles and good manners greeted travelers headed across the Royal Park Bridge towards the beach on Saturday.

“We want to show people we are law abiding citizens and we are not going to hurt anyone,” said Michael Taylor, wearing a Glock 23 handgun on his hip and Smith & Wesson MP 15-22 assault rifle across his chest.

Florida laws prohibit the open display of firearms. The law makes an exception for camping, fishing and hunting, which explained the unattended fishing poles lined up behind the six, heavily armed anglers. Noticeably missing: tackle boxes, bait and freshly caught fish.

The MAGA hat-wearing men also carried the AR-15, which was used to slaughter students in Parkland.

The group hoped to get a shout-out from Trump’s motorcade as he went to his golf course but they were on the wrong bridge.

According to the above-linked article, they need AR-15s in cause of a “foreign invasion.” In Palm Beach. (Tipped by JMG reader Thomas)