Trump Complains To Senate Republicans About Amount Of Federal Disaster Aid Being Allocated To Puerto Rico

The Washington Post reports:

President Trump complained in a private lunch Tuesday with Senate Republicans about the amount of disaster aid designated for Puerto Rico, as lawmakers prepare for a standoff over funds for the island still struggling to recover in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, according to officials familiar with the meeting.

Aid for Puerto Rico has long been a fixation for Trump, who has asked advisers how to reduce money for the island and signaled that he won’t support any more aid beyond food stamp funds.

At the lunch Tuesday, Trump rattled off the amount of aid that had been designated for other disaster-hit states and compared it with the amount allocated for Puerto Rico following the 2017 hurricane, which he said was too high, according to the officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe the private event.

At the link you’ll see that Trump claims Puerto Rico has gotten $91 billion in federal aid. Nobody knows where he’s getting that number. But you probably do. Yesterday it was reported that Trump is also complaining he hasn’t been properly thanked by Puerto Rican officials.