Trump Blows Up Over Twitter’s #FakeMelania Memes

The Birmingham Herald reports:

The White House is adamantly denying an internet conspiracy theory that a body double replaced first lady Melania Trump on her recent visit to Alabama. Stephanie Grisham, spokesperson for the first lady, responded to the theory in a tweet, singling out the talk show “The View” for discussing the supposed body double.

The View’s Ana Navarro and Joy Behar had discussed the matter the show Monday, seemingly laughing off the idea. Behar, however, later pointed to one photo and said “That one does not look like (Mrs. Trump), sorry. I wasn’t going to go along with this, but that one in that picture does not look like her. It’s a different shaped face.”

And now Glorious Leader is pissed too, but is claiming that the “fake news” is somehow behind the memes.