Tony Perkins Calls On Feds To Regulate PayPal For “Aligning With The Hard Left” By Banning Extremists

Hate group leader Tony Perkins writes for Fox News:

As PayPal aligns itself with America’s hard left and seeks to politically weaponize the financial system, state and federal consumer finance and banking regulators have a moral obligation to evaluate the need to immediately start investigating this development and its injurious impact upon consumers.

In the meantime, PayPal and other companies that choose to use their influence and profits to advance a social agenda which half of their customers oppose should not be surprised when those customers choose other options. In this age of consumer activism, corporate activism cuts both ways.

As corporations like PayPal align themselves with one side of this epic battle to redefine values and morality in America, conservatives of all stripes need to realize they have to not only cast a vote at the ballot box, but also vote as consumers with their dollars by taking their business elsewhere.