Theresa May To Resign If Brexit Deal Goes Through

The Guardian reports:

Theresa May has promised Tory MPs she will step down as prime minister before the next phase of Brexit negotiations in a bid to get Eurosceptics to back her withdrawal deal. The prime minister said she would make way for another Conservative leader, after listening to the demands of MPs for a new leadership team.

“I have heard very clearly the mood of the parliamentary party. I know there is a desire for a new approach – and new leadership – in the second phase of the Brexit negotiations and I won’t stand in the way of that,” May said, according to a transcript released afterwards.

CNBC reports:

One attendee of the meeting, Conservative lawmaker James Cartlidge, told BBC news that May was not prepared to stay on and negotiate the U.K.’s future relationship with Europe.

“My recollection is that she said she would not remain in the post for the next phase of negotiations, the implication being that once the Withdrawal Agreement has passed, she would make way for someone else.”

U.K. lawmakers have twice already refused to sign off on May’s Brexit “Withdrawal Deal” and the first rejection marked the biggest U.K. Parliament defeat in modern political history. It’s expected she will attempt to bring a third vote to Parliament in the coming days.