Roy Moore “Seriously Considering” 2020 Senate Run

The Birmingham Herald reports:

Roy Moore may be back on a ballot soon. Moore, the 2017 Republican U.S. Senate nominee whose campaign crashed after allegations of sexual misconduct, said Friday he is “seriously considering” another run for office.

Appearing on Focal Point radio show with Bryan Fischer on American Family Radio, Moore was first asked about a potential Senate run in 2020 for Jones’ seat.

“I’m seriously considering it,” Moore said. “I think the (2017 race) was stolen. I think that’s been pronounced in the national newspapers – The New York Times, The Washington Post even has recognized there was a disinformation campaign.” The comments are Moore’s strongest publicly about a run for office.

Start the clip below at 19:00 and you’ll hear Moore claim that one of his accusers has been “exposed” for having sex parties in her home. Or something. I had to turn it off.