REPORT: Homocon Brother Of Jeff Bezos’ Mistress Sold Racy Text Messages To National Enquirer For $200,000

The Huffington Post reports:

Contrary to Jeff Bezos’ suspicions, it wasn’t the White House, Saudi Arabia or hackers who provided the National Enquirer with the cache of racy text messages that the Amazon founder sent to his girlfriend. Instead, according to a new report by The Wall Street Journal, it was her brother who shared the private messages with the tabloid — after being paid an alleged $200,000 by the magazine’s publisher.

Michael Sánchez, a talent agent and Lauren Sánchez’s brother, was a longtime source for the Enquirer, the Journal reported Monday. He’d started talking to the tabloid last fall about his sister’s relationship with Bezos, the paper said, citing unnamed sources.

The Enquirer had already been trailing and photographing Bezos and Sánchez at the time of those conversations. David Pecker, American Media Inc.’s CEO, reportedly approved the payment to Sánchez so the tabloid could acquire the sexually charged text messages that the couple had sent to each other.

Michael Sanchez is a reportedly a pro-Trump homocon with connections to Roger Stone and Carter Page. Stone told the Daily Beast that Sanchez is a “very good guy.” The WSJ report is behind their paywall.