Red-Caped Catholic Loons To Stage “3108 Rosaries” Against Drag Queens And The “Homosexual Revolution”

Via press release:

As some begin to wonder what has happened to the Catholic opposition to same-sex “marriage,” TFP-America Needs Fatima is doing 3,108 public St. Joseph Rosaries for Traditional Marriage on, March 23, a Saturday close to Saint Joseph’s feast day.

“This crusade is vital for America because many of our religious and political leaders are proving themselves unable or unwilling to stop the advances of the homosexual revolution,” said Francis Slobodnik, the campaign coordinator for America Needs Fatima.

The legalization of same-sex “marriage” in America and the spreading of “Drag Queen Story Hours” for small children in public libraries using tax payer dollars, are wake-up calls for every American who cherishes the beauty and fruitfulness of God’s marriage.

Under the protection of Saint Joseph, patron of families, over 3,108 prayer captains will take to the streets, signs, banners and rosaries in hand, to make a public and prayerful stand for the true definition of marriage before God and before men.

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