#QAnon Nutbags Threaten Sebastian Gorka

Because Gorka tweeted that “Q is garbage.”

The Daily Beast reports:

Former White House adviser Sebastian Gorka is no stranger to conspiracy theories. In January, for example, he suggested that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was secretly dead.

Normally, that would align him with believers in QAnon, the wacko movement that posits that the Democratic Party is run by pedophiles and also think Ginsburg is dead. But now the top figures in QAnon are coming for Gorka.

“Q,” the mysterious person or group of people who drop the “clues” that set QAnon believers off, posted a series of links about a super PAC Gorka once worked for. Then Q linked to the FBI tip line, with the implication that Gorka had committed all sorts of crimes.

Hit the link for much more and watch the clip.