NRA Warns Members It Could Shutter “Very Soon”

The Daily Beast reports:

The letter came in early March and the message was dire. The National Rifle Association could shut down “very soon,” according the four-page fundraising letter, signed by the group’s executive vice president Wayne LaPierre.

He blamed the dire straits on steps Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has taken to pressure banks and insurance companies that do business with the gun rights organization. The letter does not say the organization faces financial shortfalls; rather, it claims that losing access to banking services could force it to shutter.

But in court filings in its litigation against Cuomo, the group claims to have “suffered tens of millions of dollars in damages” because of the governor’s moves, as The New York Times detailed.

As the above-linked piece notes, dire “emergency” money begs are common from just about any group, regardless of political affiliation. But still, hooray.