LIVE VIDEO: Apple Unveils New Streaming TV Service

CNET reports:

Slick new gadgets are usually the stars of Apple’s splashy events. But on Monday, the company will put the spotlight on subscriptions and services. A star-studded new TV service is expected to headline Apple’s event at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, California.

Apple will likely unveil a news subscription service built into a reimagined Apple News, as well as one bundle to rule them all, tying all the services together with Apple Music. Plus it’s always possible for the show to wrap up with “one more thing.”

Deadline reports:

They may not be in the Steve Jobs Theater today at Apple HQ, but Reed Hastings and Jeff Bezos will certainly be watching when Tim Cook unveils the company’s new streaming service that the home of the iPhone has been cooking up under lock and key the past two years.

Having seen their companies dominate the latest evolution of the entertainment industry for most of the past decade, the Netflix and Amazon CEOs are now facing a streaming newbie who is coming in aggressively to challenge them for the throne.