HHS Grants $5.1 Million To Fake Abortion Clinics

From the Heritage Foundation’s Daily Signal blog:

The founder of an organization of community care clinics that cater to women praises the Trump administration for deciding to give her group $5.1 million over three years for use in California, a grant that once might have gone to Planned Parenthood.

“With this grant, the administration has opened up a new avenue of health care choices for low-income and underserved women and their families in California,” Kathleen Eaton Bravo, CEO and founder of The Obria Group Inc. and Obria Medical Clinics, said in a prepared statement provided to The Daily Signal.

Obria, which operates 21 health clinics and 11 mobile clinics in five states, does not perform abortions. “Many women want the opportunity to visit a professional, comprehensive health care facility—not an abortion clinic—for their health care needs; today, HHS gave women that choice,” Bravo said.

So-called crisis pregnancy clinics lure in unsuspecting low-income women with public transit ads promising “free abortion services” only to then pressure the women against ending their pregnancies, often with false statistics about infertility resulting from abortion.