Fox News Guest: So Many Millennials Embrace Socialism Because They Weren’t Home Schooled Like Me [VIDEO]

“Millennials have grown up in a world where the Iron Curtain has already collapsed, the Soviet Union is no more. Another reason is they have attended a high school. I’m a millennial. I’m fortunate that I had a wonderful home school and private education. But you do see that in high schools. Howard Zinn, a Marxist historian, is the most assigned historian. Karl Marx is the most assigned economist.

“They’re taught a withering critique of the United States and our history. So you are taught to hate our own society, imperfect though it may be. And then many of us arrive in college and the only time we hear Marxism or communism is as an apologia for those ideas, that they’ve just never been enacted correctly.” – Fox News guest Marion Smith, when asked 44% of polled millennials “think socialism is just a fine place to be.”

Do a lot of millennials wear ridiculous wigs? Watch the clip.