#FakeMelania Is Once Again Dominating Twitter

Heavy.com reports:

The “Fake Melania” chorus of social media voices has struck again. In what seems to be the biggest irony ever, Trump who had been at the forefront of the “birther” movement against President Barack Obama, having accused the latter of not being born in the United States, now faces a “truther” movement of his own.

“Fake Melania is back on the job,” one user tweeted yesterday–to almost 10,000 likes. The president and his wife had been paying a visit to Alabama to remember victims of the Alabama tornado. “Holy bad body doubles, Batman!” tweeted another user to almost 1,500 likes.

This is now the third time since 2017 that #FakeMelania has dominated Twitter. At this writing the hashtag is trending at #2 nationwide and has been since last night.