DOJ Lawyer: Trump Does His Own Twitter Blocking

USA Today reports:

If you’ve been personally blocked by @realDonaldTrump on Twitter, congratulations: It means you managed to draw the direct attention and ire of the president of the United States. Justice Department attorney Jennifer Utrecht revealed Tuesday that while members of the White House staff sometimes help President Donald Trump craft his tweets, when he blocks someone, it’s totally unassisted.

Utrecht made the revelation during oral arguments before a panel of judges for the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on a ruling last year that it was unconstitutional for the president to block people on Twitter. One judge asked if Daniel Scavino, the White House social media director, was involved in blocking users. “Donald Trump, and not Daniel Scavino or any other member of the staff, was the person who blocked the individual plaintiffs” Utrecht replied.

I’ve always assumed that my 2017 block, which is still in place, was done by Scavino.