Dem Rep To Buck Pelosi With Impeachment Vote

Politico reports:

Democratic Rep. Al Green vowed Tuesday to continue his push to impeach President Donald Trump, saying he would force a floor vote on the issue despite House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s opposition.

In a news conference held in his office, Green (D-Texas) rebuked those who would put “political expediency ahead of moral imperative,” but did not disparage Pelosi, who on Monday made waves by saying that the president wasn’t worth the trouble of impeachment.

“This is not about the speaker. It wasn’t about the speaker before she became speaker, and it’s not about the speaker now,” Green said when asked if he would support removing Pelosi over her stance.

Benjamin Parker writes for The Bulwark:

Pelosi wants to be able to run against Trump. He has historically low approval ratings and historically high disapproval ratings. At no point in his presidency has he had net favorability, including immediately after his inauguration, when most presidents enjoy a grace period.

At his best mark ever, he was net unfavorable by 2 percent; at his worst, 25 percent. Running against Trump was a winning strategy in the 2018 midterms, which saw Democrats gain 40 House seats and a 7 percent popular vote margin with record turnout.

Pelosi would be foolish to change that formula. Trump supporters, instead of gloating, should consider why Pelosi’s stance is not crazy.