Colbert Challenges Devin Nunes To Sue Him [VIDEO]

Yahoo News reports:

A lawsuit by Republican Rep. Devin Nunes, aimed at Twitter and some of its users for alleged defamation and negligence, has led to a huge spike in followers for one of the parody accounts he targeted. Now, late night host Stephen Colbert has taken it a step further by creating another parody account aimed at the Republican California congressman.

“There’s nothing in Twitter’s terms of service that says you can’t have a parody account. That’s why it is totally legal for us to make @devinnunesskin. This is a real account, an actual account where you can find such announcements as ‘still thin,'” Colbert said. Colbert doubled down, saying, “Devin, we look forward to your lawsuit.”

@DevinCow now has 333,000 followers.