Candace Owens At CPAC: Conservatives Must Take Over Culture Like We Did During The Renaissance [VIDEO]

“It’s common sense to me that conservatives need to start invading culture, because we are the party that believes first and foremost in God. And in case you guys forgot, it was our belief in God and Judeo-Christian values that inspired culture in the first place. Florence [Italy] is arguably one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

“It’s dripping with some of the greatest masterpieces from the Renaissance. It was an explosion of art, of design, or aesthetic sensibility, and almost 100 percent inspired by God, Christianity, and the church.. Conservatives, we are culture.” – Frequent Fox News guest and Turning Point USA spox Candace Owens, speaking at CPAC.

Owens spawned national headlines earlier this month when she declared that the real problem with Hitler was his globalism.