Britain Stockpiles Staples In Fear Of Brexit Shortages

The Associated Press reports:

U.K. officials and companies have been bracing for potential trade disruption by stockpiling everything from ice cream and chocolate cookies to medicines and body bags. But the government still warned this week that British people and businesses are unprepared for the shock of a “no-deal” exit.

Supermarket chief executives have warned the government that Britain’s available storage space is full, and “even if there were more space it is impossible to stockpile fresh produce, such as salad leaves and fresh fruit.”

The government says there will be severe disruption to freight across the English Channel and “reduced availability and choice of products,” especially fresh fruit and vegetables, if Britain leaves the EU on March 29 without a divorce deal.

According to the above-linked report, thousands of Brits have joined “prepper” Facebook groups to trade advice on stockpiling essential items. The British government has warned that “hoarding” by the public would only exacerbate any shortages.