Australia Tells Gay Tourists They Won’t Be Executed In Brunei As Long As They Just “Act Heterosexual”

Australia’s News Corp outlet reports:

A gay couple that had booked flights to a tiny Asian nation before it introduced laws allowing it to stone people to death for gay sex received shocking advice from the federal government’s Smart Traveller hotline.

Adultery and gay sex in Brunei will be subject to death by stoning and thieves will have their limbs chopped off. The couple — aged 27 and 29 who asked not to be named — have a four-hour stopover in Brunei and multiple flights booked with the airline.

Concerned about their safety, the couple reached out to Smart Traveller, a travel advice service provided by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). “He said, ‘If you act heterosexual you should be fine’,” the man said.

There’s much to the story at the link.