Australia Braces For Twin Category 4 Cyclones [VIDEO]

The BBC reports:

Thousands of Australians have been forced to evacuate their homes in preparation for two potentially devastating cyclones. Over the weekend, Cyclone Trevor will hit the north while Cyclone Veronica will strike the country’s west coast.

Destructive winds are expected, while heavy rains and large waves threaten to cause severe flooding. Experts say a “severe impact” is likely and residents have been told to prepare for a “massive weather event”.

It is only the second time in history that two cyclones are predicted to strike the country at the same time. The storms could bring a year’s worth of rain in just a couple of days.

The Associated Press reports:

While called tropical cyclones over Australia’s waters, Trevor and Veronica are no different from the hurricanes that form in the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico, except they spin clockwise instead of counterclockwise.

They are fueled by warm ocean waters and have the potential to unleash flooding rainfall, damaging winds and a devastating storm surge, which is a rise in ocean water above normally dry land.

It is the end of summer and start of fall in the Southern Hemisphere and, just as in the Northern Hemisphere, this is near the peak time for storms of tropical pedigree.