Alliance Defending Freedom: The Orwellian Equality Act Would Make LGBT Citizens “More Equal Than Others”

From the Alliance Defending Freedom:

First Amendment advocates point out that “equality acts” in states and cities are wielded as weapons to silence creative professionals who serve all but cannot in good conscience communicate every message — particularly messages affirming others’ claimed genders or same-sex marriages. These laws and their spin-offs are used to censor counselors; silence filmmakers, painters, graphic designers, and cake artists who make a living through their arts; and shut down faith-based adoption agencies. So much for the American freedom to live your life in line with your conscience.

Millions of American women hold to basic principles of privacy, sexuality and marriage. For many of us in the Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths, our faith informs our views on mixing with the opposite sex in privacy areas and prevents us from expressing a message or celebrating an event contrary to our faith. This legislation is bad news for everyone, and no token carve-outs or religious exemptions can relieve the array of wrongs advanced by the Equality Act.

Forced equality of a false reality is not the American way, and it should not become the American way. Long ago, George Orwell poignantly rejected the idea that “some citizens are more equal than others.” Congress should do no less: It should reject the Equality Act and protect women’s privacy and support equal opportunity for women. The federal government should not turn the clock back on women. We should encourage our representatives to oppose the so-called “Equality Act” and instead support true diversity, tolerance and freedom

The piece above was authored by ADF senior attorney Kristen Waggoner. The ADF has advocated for re-criminalizing homosexuality in the United States and provides free legal support to foreign anti-LGBT groups seeking to retain such laws in their own countries.