Adele & Jennifer Lawrence Visit NYC Gay Bar [VIDEO]

New Music Express reports:

Adele and Jennifer Lawrence have surprised fans by appearing together at a New York City gay bar. The two, who have been friends for several years, unexpectedly appeared at Pieces in Greenwich Village yesterday evening (March 22).

Adele can be seen on stage after being called up by the bar’s host and was asked to introduce herself. “Hi, my name’s Adele,” the Grammy Award winner said, before telling the audience to cheers that she was “actually at the moment a stay-at home-mum.”

The Drag Queen host, Brita Filta, quizzed Adele more on stage and asked if she was single or taken, to which the singer replied she was married. “Are you still ready to mingle and have a great time with the gays tonight?” Filta added, to which Adele responded: “Fucking obviously!”