25K Sign Nobel Prize Petition For New Zealand PM

Axios reports:

Almost 25,000 people had by Sunday morning signed two petitions calling for New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to get the Nobel Peace Prize.

Ardern has been widely praised for her leadership in response to last week’s terrorist attack on two Christchurch mosques. The New York Times published an editorial Thursday, titled “America Deserves a Leader as Good as Jacinda Ardern.”

After receiving a standing ovation at a tent vigil in Auckland Saturday, Ardern told a crowd: “I believe what I have done has not been about leadership. All I have done is simply echoed the humanity of New Zealanders.”

From the petition linked above:

Wisdom in tranquillity, like courage under pressure, is admirable. But not unknown. But wisdom and courage, both, being displayed in a situation of unprecedented tension, are exceptional.

If a Nobel Prize for Peace could be given to a spontaneous statement for wisdom and courage, rather to a person, New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern deserves it. The words spoken by her after the terror attack in Christchurch were few. They are unforgettable. One single, three word sentence, the most so.

Referring to the 49 or more killed, she said: “They are us”. Not “they are one of us”, or “they could have been you or me”. None of that cautious, self-insulating, self-indemnifying vagueness. Simply, they are us.