Woman Says Trump Cultist Jacob Wohl Deceived Her Into Making False Sex Claim Against Robert Mueller

USA Today reports:

Jacob Wohl’s most prominent gambit was also his most disastrous: an apparent sloppy attempt to accuse Trump’s nemesis special counsel Robert Mueller of sexual misconduct days before the midterm elections in November.

His actions were referred to the FBI for potential criminal investigation. The woman he named as a credible accuser of the special prosecutor, Carolyne Cass, recently told USA TODAY that Wohl “made it up,” deceived her with a false identity and tried to coerce her to appear at a news conference against her will.

Wohl initially maintained that Cass’s allegations were credible. When told that Cass said they were inaccurate, Wohl then claimed that he couldn’t speak about the situation because of a legal non-disclosure agreement with Cass, who denied that such an agreement exists. An FBI spokesperson declined to comment on whether the agency was investigating the episode.

You really should read the full article. Whoa.