Twitter CEO: Trump Is No Worse Than Obama When It Comes To Threatening Countries With Military Action

The Daily Beast reports:

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, who has been under fire for failing to police hate speech, harassment, and outright racism on his platform, told podcast host Joe Rogan that “everyone has a right” to social media and that Donald Trump’s use of Twitter wasn’t much different from how previous presidents have used media, comparing him to Barack Obama as president.

Rogan brought up that Trump’s conduct on Twitter could be seen has encouraging violence—like, for instance, dangling the threat of nuclear war with North Korea. Dorsey said Rogan needed to look at Trump’s tweets in “context” of other media.

“It was the context that presidents of this country have used similar language on different mediums,” Dorsey said. “They say it on radio, they say it on television. If you were to look at President Obama, it wasn’t the exact same tone, but there were threats surrounding the same country. We have to take that context into consideration.”