Trump Eateries Cited For Filth, Vermin, Sewage Issues

The New York Daily News reports:

Their namesake is a Mr. Clean freak, but some Trump-branded eateries are just plain dirty. Mice in the kitchen, filthy food prep areas and broken sewage systems are on the list of recent stomach-turning health code violations at number of Trump-branded restaurants in the city, the Daily News has learned.

Health inspections at Trump properties from Midtown Manhattan to the Bronx’s Ferry Point reveal the President’s namesake company still struggles to keep its day-to-day operations clean — though similar infractions have been reported for years.

Violations at the President’s crown jewel and Manhattan residence — Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue — are perhaps the most gag-inducing. The Trump Tower eatery has been written up every year since 2014, including sightings of “live roaches” in 2016 and “filth flies” in 2017. But inspectors have not — until now — found mice tracks at the posh establishment.

More gross details are at the link.