Trump Cultist Ejected From Disney Park For Third Time After Hanging Trump Banner From Riverboat [VIDEO]

The Orange County Register reports:

A Disneyland visitor was ejected from the park Wednesday afternoon after he unfurled a large banner on the side of the Mark Twain riverboat that proclaimed “TRUMP 2020.” The guest, who identified himself on Facebook as Dion Cini, live-streamed the event on his Facebook page, reporting that he was expecting to be removed afterward.

Disney officials said afterward that the park doesn’t permit the use of large banners, signs or flags because they could be a safety risk to guests or the attraction itself. They added that the person was disrupting the experiences and family memories of other guests.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Cini is an ex-Marine who was previously banned from Walt Disney World for holding up Trump signs there. The newspaper reported that he’s a New Yorker who has regularly rowed up and down the Hudson River displaying Trump signage.

Cini has been banned for life from the Florida parks. He’s the same douchebag that rushed the stage with a Trump banner during a performance of Disney’s Frozen on Broadway.