TEXAS: Christian Hate Group Launches New Campaign Claiming That LGBT Rights Laws Literally Ban The Bible

Fort Worth’s NBC affiliate reports:

Controversy at the Texas capitol is heating up again over what some are calling “Ban the Bible” bills. #Banthebible is popping up online. It also came up this week at a Carrollton city council meeting when the city became the latest to pass an anti-discrimination ordinance protecting LGBTQ people.

The “Ban the Bible” campaign was launched online last week by an Austin-based religious group called Texas Values. Nicole Hudgens is a senior policy analyst with Texas Values.

“Ban the Bible is an effort to educate people on what sex orientation, gender identity bills are doing,” Hudgens said. Hudgens said the bills aim to punish businesses who refuse to serve LGBTQ people.

Texas Values is headed by Jonathan Saenz, who is apparently still furious that his wife left him for another woman.