Sean Spicer Becomes Extra Entertainment Reporter

From the Hollywood Reporter:

Surprise, surprise: Sean Spicer is now officially a member of the mainstream media. The former White House press secretary has signed a contract to serve as a special correspondent for syndicated newsmagazine show Extra.

“When they pitched this to me, I said, ‘Yeah, I love the idea,'” Spicer told The Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday.

Spicer, who famously tangled with television reporters during his stint in the White House, is beginning with a special series that focuses on the personal lives and views of D.C. insiders, including some of his former Trump administration colleagues.

Newsweek reports:

In his first interview as a correspondent for the entertainment program Extra, Sean Spicer has quizzed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in a segment which also marks the former White House press secretary’s induction into the mainstream media.

Conspicuous in their absence from the preview, shared on Twitter, were any questions on pressing political issues or matters of foreign policy.

“When you travel do you have anything that’s on an iTunes list or your downloads?” Spicer asks Pompeo. The Secretary of State’s wife, Susan, is also present for the interview. The pair are standing outside, seemingly about to go for a walk. A golden retriever lies at their feet.

Spicer also asks them about their Oscars picks.