Scott Lively Warns Trump: God Will Withdraw His “Hand Of Favor” Over Push To Decriminalize Homosexuality

Scott Lively writes for World Net Daily:

True conservatives are in a real bind here. If we oppose the Grenell gambit, that fact will be spun by his leftist media allies as support for violence against homosexuals.

But if we capitulate to the idea that sexual deviance is a universal human right alongside true family values, what are conservatives actually working to “conserve”? How can we Make America Great Again if we openly embrace the corrosive LGBT sexual anarchy agenda that has been so instrumental in her collapse?

I have long stated that I believe Donald Trump is God’s man in the White House, and I still believe that because I assume he does not yet have full control of the State Department (the deepest part of the deep state).

Yet, the president should remember that God’s hand of favor has many times been withdrawn from His chosen men when they departed from His agenda. For God’s sake, and the sake of the critical MAGA vision for America, I pray that President Trump will defy the principalities and powers at work behind Grenell’s project and quickly correct this serious error.

Lively has twice run for governor of Massachusetts, taking 36% of the votes in the 2018 GOP primary. He is considered by some to be a prime architect of Uganda’s infamous and ultimately failed “Kill The Gays” bill and was unsuccessfully sued in US court for crimes against humanity.