Roger Stone: I Revel In The Hatred Of “Leftist Retards”

“A man is known by his enemies. Ana Navarro, porquita, a little piglet. This woman is 50 pounds of Schiff in a 20-pound bag. Talentless. No accomplishment. She’s the political consultant who’s never actually elected anybody to anything. She’s really a nasty diva. She’s an enormous sack of Schiff and an abusive person on top of it. So, I revel in your hatred, Ana, and when I’m acquitted I’m going to go right back to criticizing you for your total lack of talent or intelligence. Puerco is what I would say. I revel in the hatred of these leftist retards.” – Roger Stone, in today’s Infowars webcast which included a caller that taunted him, telling he would spend 40 years in prison. Stone then demanded the caller’s name and address.