Roger Stone Claims He’s So Broke That He Lost His Health Insurance, Sold His Car, And Eats Peanut Butter

The Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel reports:

Stone, who typically is an colorful and ebullient and forceful speaker, sounded somewhat subdued on Wednesday. He said the lengthy Mueller investigation, and more recently the indictment, have taken a personal toll. Stone, who was at the Tiger Bay Club to speak and sign copies of his books, said his ability to earn a livelihood has been made more difficult by the investigation and indictment.

He said he lost his health and life insurance in December and has had to sell his car. “It has had a negative financial impact on my family,” he said. “I still have some work. I’m eating a lot of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.” Stone said his family has security concerns because he has a constant stream of threats. “It’s very dangerous to be me these days,” he said. And, he said, he has legal bills. He said he needs to raise $2 million for his legal defense fund.

As the kids say, WOMP WOMP.