NRA Ridicules Hearing On “So-Called Gun Violence”

“This hearing on so-called gun violence, which is a sham of a word anyway, is getting underway here in Washington. There you see Representative Jerrold Nadler of New York who will chair this Judiciary Committee. A frightening thing to see a Democrat, especially one like Nadler, in charge of the Judiciary Committee in the United States Congress. But that’s the fate we have received seeing as Democrats now control the House. So this hearing will be controlled by the Democrats.

“They will march out all kinds of victims of gun violence, so-called gun violence. I don’t really like that term because it’s people violence that we’re really talking about. They’ll march out victims, we’ll hear very painful stories, sad stories, stories that in many respects should never have ever happened. But they will do what every liberal does, they will blame it on the gun and not the person responsible for the shooting.

“And they will blame conservatives and freedom-loving Americans and NRA members for the guns that we have in America today that somehow find their way into the hands of criminals.” – NRA TV host Grant Stinchfield, speaking on today’s webcast.