NRA Host Grant Stinchfield: The US House Is Now A Torture Chamber Designed For Trump’s Destruction

“The Democratically controlled House of Representatives is now officially a sham. It is now nothing short of a torture chamber designed to inflict harm, pain and ultimate destruction on President Trump and his administration. Bringing back a known liar, Michael Cohen, the president’s former attorney and confidant to spew nothing more than allegations that amount to old news and same old same old Democratic talking points.

“All of it is a disgrace. Nothing new came out of yesterday’s hearing. Even if you believe every word uttered by this convicted liar, you can’t prove anything other than the fact that President Trump was no choir boy, he can be brash and harsh at times, driven and committed to winning. But still, in my opinion, not a criminal.” – NRA TV host Grant Stinchfield, on today’s webcast.