North Carolina Election Officials Say GOP Operative Ran Complex Scheme To Falsify US House Ballots [VIDEO]

The Washington Post reports:

State election officials said Monday that a political operative for Republican Mark Harris orchestrated a complex scheme to illegally collect and falsify absentee ballots in the 9th Congressional District last year, hiding evidence of the scheme as it unfolded and obstructing the state’s investigation after the election.

Those explosive charges opened an evidentiary hearing in Raleigh Monday morning, where the North Carolina State Board of Elections began hearing witness testimony to decide whether enough ballots were tampered with to taint the outcome of the 9th District race.

The state board’s executive director, Kim Strach, told the five-member board Monday that Leslie McCrae Dowless, a longtime political operative from Bladen County, paid workers to collect hundreds of absentee ballots from voters, a felony in North Carolina.

Raleigh’s ABC affiliate reports:

The scheme involved a firm called Red Dome. That firm, which was hired by Mark Harris’ campaign, paid McCrae Dowless more than $200,000 between July 2018 and the November 2018 election.

According to investigators, Dowless paid workers cash to collect absentee request forms, to falsify absentee ballot witness certifications, and to collect absentee ballots. Dowless paid his workers $150 for every 50 absentee ballot request forms they collected and $125 for every 50 absentee ballots they collected.

The first witness, Lisa Britt, said she worked for Dowless. She testified that she lied during television interviews and witness statements in order to protect Dowless. Britt testified for nearly two hours. She testified that she voted illegally in 2018. She also explained how she mailed in absentee ballots without raising red flags that they were illegal.