MISSOURI: Anti-Gay Activist Chris “Marry My Laptop” Sevier Deemed Security Risk In State Capitol Building

The Kansas City Star reports:

Chris Sevier, the anti-gay, anti-porn advocate who met with Kansas lawmakers earlier this month, has been deemed a security concern in the Missouri Capitol.

Missouri Senate Administrator Patrick Baker sent out an email early Thursday morning to the entire senate and staff with the subject line “security concern” and a picture of Sevier. He said two Senate offices and one in the House of Representatives reported uncomfortable meetings with the former Tennessee lawyer.

Lawmakers who saw Sevier told The Star he introduced himself as someone from the “defacto attorney general’s office” and wore a suit tucked into combat boots. Sevier has been pushing his anti-porn, anti-gay legislation in states from Virginia to Hawaii. Last week, Sevier was found to be behind six bills in the Kansas House.

Sevier has appeared on JMG multiple times over the last year as the nutjob behind an internet porn tax bill in Arizona, Drag Queen Story Hour lawsuits in Texas and Louisiana, and a lawsuit to ban rainbow flags from the offices of Congress members.

And of course there are his lawsuits in multiple states to marry his laptop. He was deemed mentally unfit to practice law in 2011 and it remains unclear who is funding his nationwide campaigns.

A lengthy accounting of his bizarre history, including an arrest for assault and a conviction for stalking a teenage girl can be found here. (Tipped by JMG reader AJ)