MAGA Brother Of Bezos’ Mistress Is Source Of Texts

The Daily Beast reports:

The brother of Jeff Bezos’ mistress, Lauren Sanchez, supplied the couple’s racy texts to the National Enquirer, multiple sources inside AMI, the tabloid’s parent company, told The Daily Beast. Another source who has been in extensive communication with senior leaders at AMI confirmed that Michael Sanchez first supplied Bezos’ texts to the Enquirer.

As The Daily Beast previously reported last week, documents show that Sanchez and Roger Stone were in touch about the National Enquirer story in the days after it ran. “I’ve never hacked anyone,” Stone told The Daily Beast, which had neither suggested or asked if he had. “I do know Michael Sanchez—very good guy.”

He certainly was a reliable and public supporter of the president. “For anyone too stupid or too bitter to admit Mueller’s pack of @POTUS-hating @TheDemocrats is leading an out-of-control witch hunt, read about @jerome_corsi,” Sanchez wrote in a more-or-less typical tweet. “Muellerism = McCarthyism.”

Hit the link for much more. reports:

Michael Sanchez has been married to husband Casey Ashby since November of 2011. They met in 2006 and tied the knot in a ceremony on the beach in Los Cabos, Mexico, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Ashby works in the fashion industry, as a Gucci store director. The couple lives in Hollywood, according to Sanchez’s Twitter profile.

Sanchez worked for MTV as Director of Sales & Marketing in New York City from 1999 until 2004. He is currently a Talent Manager/Producer for Axis Management. He is also the founding Partner of Double Tap Media, a film and TV production company.