KENTUCKY: Dem Trolls Abortion Bill With Amendment Requiring Women To Report Their Pregnancies To State

The Louisville Courier-Journal reports:

Should pregnant women be monitored by the state? That’s what a Louisville lawmaker is proposing out of frustration with a flurry of bills in the current legislative session meant to restrict or eliminate abortion in Kentucky.

“It’s so arrogant of a bunch of legislators,” said Rep. Mary Lou Marzian, a Louisville Democrat and supporter of abortion rights. “It’s none of our business, to interfere in personal and private decisions of women.”

Marzian’s proposed amendment calls for all Kentucky women of childbearing age to provide a notarized doctor’s statement to the state each month indicating whether they are pregnant, so the status of anyone who is pregnant can be monitored.

In 2016, Marzian introduced amendments which would have required men to present signed permission slips from their wives before getting a Viagra prescription. Such men would also have to avow that they only have sex with their spouses.