Fox Guest Star Parker: Abolish The Minimum Wage

“Wages are negotiated between the person working and the person offering a job. But what we’ve done as a society is said nope, government should interject itself into the market of that, and so instead of people saying ‘let me get in that first rung and prove to this employer that I can do really good so that somebody else is going to want you to come work for them’ – what we’ve done is gone to the nanny state and said, ‘fix this for us.’ We should not even have a minimum wage. Wages are flexible because talent is put on the table and somebody buys that talent.” – Star Parker, on Fox & Friends this morning.

Parker last appeared on JMG in January when she declared that people on food stamps are “watching porn and TV instead of getting jobs.” In July 2018 she claimed that the “B” in LGBTQ actually stands for “bestiality.”