DNC To Ask All 2020 Candidates To Sign “Affirmation” That They Will Campaign And Serve As Democrats

CNN reports:

The Democratic National Committee plans to meet with 2020 campaigns next week to hand out an “affirmation form” for candidates to sign and certify they will run and serve as members of the Democratic Party, a DNC official said Tuesday.

The announcement follows Bernie Sanders’ entry into the 2020 campaign earlier Tuesday — his second consecutive presidential election. An independent who caucuses with Democrats in the Senate, Sanders rankled some Democrats in 2016 when he ran for the nomination even though he wasn’t an official member of the party.

DNC members passed a new rule last August, which was seen as a response to the Sanders campaign, requiring all candidates “to affirm in writing” that they “are a member of the Democratic Party, will accept the Democratic nomination; will run and serve as a member of the Democratic Party.”